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wow I thought I was pretty cool. I'm editing this as of august 31st, 2014. Here are my current music likes:

-still love me some lana (del rey)
-I've gotten into alternative music a lot, so the black keys are still in my playlist
-I used to listen to a lot of MGMT and phoenix, and I still love them, but they haven't released anything in a while
-vampire weekend
-Fitz and the tantrum
-florence + the machine 
-new politics
-a little Macklemore and Ryan lewis 
-bear hands 
there's a lot more since i consider myself quite the music hipster. Skrillex got me some cool points with my guy friends, but I don't listen to that much dub step, but I do like it. 

I use to have fashion designers here, and although I still love fashion it had become a smaller part of my life. I'm really into biology which sounds so lame and nerdy, but to me it's the coolest thing ever. I suggest The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. It's an amazing book where you are interested in biology or not. 

it's so weird to go back and look at what my younger self wrote. I don't watch youtube videos. some people are obsessed with it, like my brother, but I don't understand the appeal, sure I'll watch a video, but hours of videos, I don't get it. 
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