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I'm no longer blogging, but I'm leaving up all (3) the blogs I posted. Hopefully you can't read them, because they are terribly embarrassing. like I said on the main page, I have a real blog now, do with that what you will. 


I hate the heat. It’s impossible to go outside without sweating like a pig. Which is why I'm perfectly happy it sit at my computer are start my own blog.

I am a very opinionated person, you see, and I sometimes speak, without thinking of the consequences. But here at my lovely blog you don't know who I am, which is fine by me. I hope you enjoy reading about my likes and dislikes. I will try to blog once a week. Just so you can know if you would like to continuously read my blog, I will be blogging about; baking, cooking, music, and maybe some pop culture and fashion. (omg did you hear about Kate Holmes and Tom Cruise!) JK, though I do enjoy pop culture I won't be the one blogging about it.

-Faith :D
Febuarary 2nd 2013
Hey guys! (if theres acually anyone reading this). It's the new year, wow, so much happened in 2012, that I didnt blog about (sorry). Anyway, I am now! The New Year for me means i'm in the process of chosing a highschool to go to after I graduate my current school. I have looked to about 4 schools in the Atlanta area. I visited the following schools: Lovatt, Galloway, Padeia, and Pace. I did not I like Lovatt or Padeia, but i am torn between Galloway and Pace. The way I see it is on a specturm.
Public school----------Lovatt--------Pace---------Padeia-------Galloway---------Private school
I go to a private school right now, but it only goes to 8th grade. For me Lovatt and Padeia were to close on the spectrum to one end. Padeia was to loose and unfocused for me, and Lovatt was to tight and focused. This is only my opinion. I'm tied between Pace and Galloway, not sure what I'm going to do if i get into both. Anyway. Bye for now.
-Faith :
So if you didn't know private schools have sent out there letters and people have accepted. I got into both of my choices and choose my favorite. but that's not why i'm blogging today. 
I needed to rant. My friends have so much poopin' drama right now. There's all this secret hatred between them. Girls can be so fake, my friends are putting on a fake face for almost everyone, it makes me wonder if they actually like me. Why can't they be open and just say what they feel. So much drama so close to the end of the year. I just want to enjoy my last days in peace but no.
-Faith :D

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